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Stop Eating God's Flesh

Nietzsche was wrong on his most famous point, it was not the death of GOD that would usher in nihilism, it was always there, nihilism, the thing holding it back was GOD’s body, we had sacrificed the being long long ago when religious wars started, GOD barely lived.

What Nietzsche saw was the body rotting and the little bit of flood coming out of the holes, and as the decay sets in we have begun eating the flesh accelerating the inevitability.

Of course I’m not talking about water, it is our inner beast, the most dangerous animal coming forth that will come rushing from behind that corpse.

The goal of science and philosophy was to have by now given the original diagnosis of GOD’s death was to have built a spiritual damn capable of holding back the obviousness.

Obvious because how did we conquer the planet, who ate all the animals, the Dodo bird was merely a snack to the beast we are.

This is why society is real, it is what it was in the first place, we as entities built for ourselves a way out, a chance to not turn on ourselves having no other adversaries.

Belief is as simple as this, Cain killed Abel, the columbine shooters shot up a school, if you do not learn the lesson from thousands of years ago you will take revenge on life itself.

And here we are chewing GOD’s flesh, speeding up the process hurrying in the flood, a flood of what, a flood of humans killing humans.

Here is the prophecy: the strong will take from the weak, the poor will die, the hungry starve, and no one stops to ask why we are burning everything down, because we will use words for hate and misunderstanding; the antithesis of their creation.

We will repeat history fully, our coastal cities will wash away, we will be stranded isolated for thousands of years.

But we won’t die, we won’t regress, we will just get used to being maniacs, people who forgave the option of kindness and compassion for pure rationalization.

Which is the madness, logic is inherently contradictory, with each of us creating our own axioms and rules we fracture as a species, we lose the ability to talk to each other and more importantly we lose the ability to make peace.

Ergo the reason why man killed GOD is because man believed he was good inside, and that believing we are good inside means we are good enough for each other.

We are not good enough for each other, we crawled out of the womb of nature, we had to be murders and thieves to get as far as 10,000 years ago.

That is what we were to each other liars, cheats, jealous animals who by the grace of whatever you want it to be got to a place called now the future, the 21st century call it whatever, we are at the steeps of the stars, explorers beyond earth.

And we are about to take war, violence, oppression to the heavens.

We are about to pull the final treads and we will not walk away sane.

We found our minds and we are losing them, it is the denial of our history our true history our deep history that has us destroying what has accidentally saved us.

The secret history of humanity is not the mysteries it is not the magic with a k it is not alchemical, it is the fact that we can and will murder, it is the fact that we are only here because we marched on nature and took everything, grinding against ourselves the whole way.

People want to point to the pyramids, but you have to look further back than that to see the real meaning of the pyramids, instead of kill we did something, we found GOD when we replaced killing with cooperation.

And it is in the death of cooperation that we sacrificed GOD, we turned something that ended up being magick, something alchemical into a mode of hyper violence.

We use the concepts and ideals of peace to justify violence, and that is when we killed GOD whenever we said it was our duty to kill our fellow.

Self defense is always one thing, but individuals defending themselves and groups of humans moving on others is the case being lobbied here, we are guilty only inasmuch as we know better.

And we know better, we know better so well it was heartbreak that killed our only chance to freedom, not because of the after life but because the chance here in this life to be something different than our past.

GOD is dead and but again Nietzsche is wrong, there is enough water to wash away the sins of us killing him, enough to drown all of us and allow life to continue sans us.

We are nothing compared to the immensity of time, unless we accept the challenge, the challenge to be different than what we are, to not be violent to each other to not turn teachings of peace in to excuses for humans to die.

Our future is in each other, our past is violence, build a new dam GOD is dead, stop eating the flesh, let GOD’S dead body rot and the bones be the reminder of our work, do this and we will and can sustain ourselves, what greatness the killers of GOD can bring peace to heaven and earth.

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