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Sage Grows Every Man

At one point, you had me believing

That stars never fade away,

That a woman actually walked the moon.

I held on to your every word

Like a kid on the swings, too afraid to fall.

With you, nothing

Was as it seemed, left was on

The right, and Down

Was inverted up, Butterflies

Danced in my belly, instead of in the sky.

To afraid to fail, I clinched on to a love lost,

Hoping to hear the truth, but hope is


My body still, ears at attention,


The day never came where

The truth poured from your lips,

I, like many, began to scrutinize self

Only to start from the top again.

Through this I’ve learned

To take life at face value, though

Lies come disguised as the truth,

Orally projected like a kid

That can’t keep a secret,

There is bliss on the other side.

At a point, you had me believing

That stars never fade,

That Pluto was still a planet,

And like a child too afraid to fall

I held on to your every word; But

In the end sage grows every man.

DS Flagg

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