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Bob Wilson’s monster

Praise Bob and it’s time for the TSOG to feed

Doom i say doom

The system is falling the system is falling

And the people won’t tell the truth

The system is fine they are falling

In love with themselves for power

And the TSOG has fattened them

And they are without Gretel’s bone

Fat i tell you, lairs I proclaim

They will not tell you they are in a cage

They will say shame not my body

But it’s time, time for them to be feed, feed to the TSOG

And they will walk right into its mouth plump

They will say I am the one; evil not to follow

That the Savior is here it is going to keep us safe in its clutches

The Tsarist Occupation Government promises you whatever you want

Just climb into its mouth, and as it chews the humanity out of all of you

I laugh

Hail Mr Wilson it’s time for the TSOG to feed

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