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“The media is the enemy of the people” – Donald Trump.

“The media is the enemy of the people” – Donald Trump. That is all the proof I need. Fascism is back, really back. I’ve been trying to say this but Americans do not talk to each other enough. We are not nice at all we pretend to be and that is the issue. We would rather punish people than love which means forgive and rehabilitate which means we hate life. Anytime you are willing to make people suffer you have given up on life itself. And at every level from people in relationships teaching each other lessons by hurting the other partner, to bosses who don’t pay their employees and have lavish lives but are empty inside with no friends or real love. To parents who do the same to their kids, punishing them for no reason. To kids who do that to their parents. Teachers who are not good, unhappy with their lives they resent their students. Coaches who take the love out of the game. The guy who hates women, thinks they have too much sex. Black people who sit around waiting for the civil rights act to pass, forgetting it happened more than half a century ago, unable to see how their counter parts are participating and succeeding. White people who have millions of bullets and 3 friends they don’t really like, this is what they are stocking up for, not for self defense but for the off chance they can take revenge on all the people who they resent. Think of most of the ways people kill in this country it’s for punishment not defense. Fascism was always here it just wasn’t organised, and now it’s in the white house, and its angry, you are angry, people have ruined everything haven’t they? And now that the economic situation is hurting people, our willingness to punish for revenge is exactly fascism, how dare someone eat better than I. Fun times fun fucking times, the alleged best ever ended up being a joke. I’m glad I know people like you because you understand what I am saying so there is a chance but you like me see how complex this really is. Brexit, Italy, the rise of nationalism in all of the European countries is happening for one reason and one reason only, behind the scenes there are people who are terrors and hate life itself and can not wait to burn and chew every last bit of planet. The only thing holding back true human nature is society and anyone who plays with those floodgates are going to only unleash one thing humans killing humans. I held out till the end I really did, but I am saying America is about to do something most of us won’t be able to stomach. Don’t play hero, just play along, you do not know how much suffering the type of people i’m talking about are willing to unleash, read Alexander Solzhenitsyn or Victor Frankel, about the United States invasion of any country between 1950 and now. We never worked on the project of reinforcing ourselves against this, we have actually been practicing it in our prefrontal cortex, our movies our media are just a part of the programming, the manipulation of each other and our vindictive attitudes, pure jealousy and flat out willingness to lie was the real training. I write this hoping the world goes in a different direction I write this as a warning.

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