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Alchemy and You.

A disciple one day asked the head monk “can you tell me something about enlightenment” and the monk replies “attention.”

The next day the disciple comes back to the monk and asks “can you tell me something about enlightenment?” and the head monk says “attention”

The next day the disciple asks the monk “can you tell me more about the meaning of enlightenment using more than the one word attention?” And the monk replies “attention means attention”

And in alchemy paying attention is how the game is played.

Notice this sentence somehow you understand it.

This is alchemy at its highest form, the use of symbols to cause matter to move given a certain intention.

And just like that attention, because if you and I have done our parts everything should make sense so far.

The idea that humans can transform matter given intention is no easier to understand than by looking up from this sentence and observing your surrounding, go ahead do it…

How did matter not move?

Even if you didn’t look up the twitches of your eyes, the cascade of chemicals that are being released just because you are engaging this set of symbols should be enough proof of concept.

Now the deeper message of this is that for whatever reason we can make matter move.

We can alter the life future of anything we come in contact.

This idea implies that we can define the universe one way or another.

That every action every movement I make changes the entire universe for ever.

It is a heavy burden, we are all responsible for what the universe is.

When a movement is made, a word said, a thought had, the implications spread out in all directions forever.

Another way of saying this is you can not get back what you have done.

This is why the religions of the world have the stories they do.

They have since the beginning had the idea at their hearts that our actions are important to the sum total of the universe.

That because we have awareness our responsibility is proportional to that awareness.

Of course religions run wrong, however this is because they become focused on the group, whether it be their group or another’s, the point is personal reformation.

The rituals and practices of religions are supposed to be done for the individual to gauge how to best change the universe for ever.

While specifics might not be for you the details are, the best way to make positive effective change in yourself I.e the universe is daily self reflection and practice of the habits you would like everyone else to exhibit.

Self reflection is something you can do to effect the matter that makes you, every single wiggle, exchange movement that happens because you purposefully self reflected changes the universe it to what it will become.

Bad thoughts, bad universe.

Good thoughts, better universe, a good universe can only be determined at the end.

The habits you employ change not only the matter that makes you, it changes everything outside of yourself also.

Now given all of this, there is only one path for you as the reader if you’ve gotten this far and understand what is being written, there is no going back to being who you used to be, you now are now responsible for the universe.

I apologize for forcing your responsibility, but you but if you really understand what is going on any time you read you are being forced to change.

So pay attention it is all you can do, make sure you understand what has come before, it is a hint at what you can do next.

Travis White

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