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Without Permission

We live for the green stamp of approval.

Certified, quality guaranteed, 5 star rating.

We trust what we see and recognize others as a reflection of our beliefs.

Imagine if the human form was marked with tattoos of certifications and qualifications.

In a world where experience determined your war paint and they would appear like a trophy on the Xbox,

“New Ink Unlocked: Paw print of the loyal”

Imagine if your flaws were meant to be displayed stitched between the creases of your skin.

Imagine the intimacy of empathy between strangers.

I see your scarlet A and therefore see myself in you.

Imagine if your deepest beliefs became scripted on the curve of your neck as you felt them.

Imagine the honesty.

Now start living that way.

Start today, right now.

Live passionately. Allow the very essence of you to be written on every stitch of your flesh.

Wear your promises.

Give permission to others to help you.

Honor intimacy. Value empathy.

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