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Sweeter on The Other Side

My emotions roast over the fire pit

like marshmallows, as the once white

is now black instead.

As the night gets colder

and the days get old,

the spark in the air still waivers…

Smells of fear mix with

the blood sweat and tears

of the people who paved the land

before we got here.

I sip my cup of courage

And look into the flames

wondering about what will remain

of my name in the next 50 years….

I mean,

Will I just sustain a job I hate

or find a breakthrough in my career

where I can wake up to what I love.


out on that stick

my purest thoughts and aspirations

brown with every rotation


what’s a dream with no savior?

I’m glad that I’ve saved enough

courage in my cup

to last a few months,

cause I’m going to need it

if I expect to succeed

in a world built to suppress my needs

like the graham cracker

to the marshmallow

with melting chocolate in between.

They can’t continue to defer my dreams,

we all don’t fall for sweets…

Those modern day luxuries

testing your beliefs,

but I am certain of two things

the value of my worth

and the severity of my needs,

I’ll see you on the other side,

where they say it's sweet.

Dom S. Flagg 2016

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