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Thoughts in INK

Where do my thoughts go when they leave my mind at night?

Where do they hide when my spirit declines

and I fall behind

at a lost for words

just lost in time?

Do these desperate images depicted

of a higher quality of living

prohibit my desire to really live them?

Do these lights mean enough?

I fair well from the dock alone

commissioned to fill a static void

just the sum of depleting systems…

I use to dream about my chance

to prove just how open the top really is


when you decode the bull shit

you see this world for what it be like


I want us to be bright.

So to the girl hoping to be a blessing

let your art be your expression

and share with love each lesson

continue to represent

new life

and do right

by planting the seed

into each dream

that’s a true life weapon.

To the person looking to impact the youth

always spill truth

cause we must nourish at the root

and onward through that concrete

the red rose grew.

Dom S. Flagg 2016

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