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I get it, everything is a game.

Everything is a game.

Everything is practice.

If everything is a game and everything practice then what you are doing is always important.

The deeper idea behind the previous 3 lines is that given what we know about the brain, neural networks, and probabilistic mathematics everything you do affects everything you do.

The idea that there is a break, or a time when you are not fundamentally reinforcing patterns of behavior is why america is facing a health crisis, been in war constantly, and whose credibility is waning.

What I mean is that we assume that the breaks we take are unimportant to who we are and that is exactly where we are failing.

Your cigarette break.

Your diet break.

Your moral break because everyone else is being greedy.

Your break from following your religious doctrine as it should be practiced.

All of this time off is actually you losing the game by not playing.

It is in moments of weakness that you have to respond greatly.

And it is in our breaks as Americans that we Americans practice our weakness.

Parents who are responsible for their children’s moral character lie to them, about sex, drugs and everything because it is easy, something that can be done later.

During your break the game was played, your child learned about drugs and sex, and not having you as a true filter they are learning lying is the truth.

Oath takers forget their oaths weaklings, inviduals who want their pre-oath responsibilities while keeping their post-oath powers, this is corruption.

The idea that as an adult there is a break to be had is a fantasy.

If you are religious under what part of your doctrine is a break allowed?

In your oath?

As a parent?

As a citizen?

The idea of morality is predicated on your place in the universe and your willingness to accept it and do something about it, and if you want to not be a liar then you have to every single moment as a test to live up to what you say about yourself.

Just think of the world created when everyone is holding themselves to their highest ideal.

The fun part about that world is it starts with you.

It starts with you accepting your morality, that you will die, and that the best thing you can do is live a truthful life, because if I have not said it yet, taking a break from your morals is lying, and lying is most of our lives these days.

So it seems to fix the world, the future, we just have to live up to the stories we tell ourselves, and stop taking breaks from the people we claim to be, because if you think deeply when you take a break from these types of things that is exactly what causes everything negative.

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