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A Week of Writing: Word of the day 1-7

  • 7Days
  • 15Steps


We have a quick challenge if you are looking to get your skills sharp for an upcoming project or if you've been looking for something to do. We will give you one inspiration word each day and a little information to send you on your way. Levels: New, Intermediate, or Advanced. All writers are welcomed. Length: 7 Days We will provide you a Topic, Context, or a Word-of-the-Day and you will need to craft mini-creative writing pieces based on suggestions for that day/step. It is completely up to you how you want to pace it, but in order to get your $5 back, remember to send us a copy of your completed works by the end of the challenge. FAQs How many pieces will I have to write? A: 7 Do have to do one a day or can a do a couple at a time? A: We prefer one a day, but you can choose the pace on this one. How do I get my money back? A: Once you complete the challenge in the given time-frame, you will need to email us a copy of each of your exercises (pdf, word doc, email, are all ok). Email:

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